Offline-integrated Advisory Services

Offline-integrated Advisory Services by Hotleysis is provided through cooperation between advisory partners matched by AI out of Partnership Program for the project and Hotelysis. The outcome is a productivity and efficiency enhangement strategy, provided at the project DB of HBI Dashboard.

Contact for Advisory Services
Hotelysis will enhance productivity and efficiency through an extensive experts network.

Although Hotelysis broadly utilizes AI in providing services, there exist limitations yet. Especially, it is still challenging to balance between quantitative data and qualitative factors. Our partnership program will fill the gap. Please contact us directly at for more details.

Financial Position Optimization
  • Capital Strategy Advisory
  • Financial Management
  • Transaction of Assets
  • Liquidation of Capital
  • Supervision of Operators
Operating Cash Flow Enhancement
  • Distribution Mix Optimization
  • Restructuring Operations
  • Sourcing Working Capital
  • Business Plan Optimization
  • Global Partnership Advisory
Relevant Advisory Initiatives
  • Project Data Management
  • Advisory Board Set-up
  • Optimal Experts Matching
  • Cooperative Advisory
  • Global Experts Networking
Financial Stability Management
  • Market Risk Score Evaluation
  • Market Risk Monitoring
  • Capital Structure Evaluation
  • Capital Structure Management
  • Revamping Financial Position

Partnership Program

Our partners are in practice over diverse areas in lodging industry, which can be classified either as a Data Partner providing actual performance and financial data of a lodging property in Korea, or as an Advisory Partner cooperating with Hotelysis for individual advisory projects. Obligations, benefits and requirements for each are summarized in the table below. Please contact us directly at for more details.

Type Obligations Benefits Requirements
Data Partner Provide monthly actual performance and financial position data of a lodging property in Korea, at least for 5 consecutive years, to the extent relevant regulations permit 1-year discount of subscription fee to be provided upon 12-month performance, and 5-year exemption to be provided upon 5-year performance of obligations Individual or corporate members subscribing to a paid membership at HBI Dashboard, not restricted from providing monthly actual data of subject lodging properties in Korea
Advisory Partner Co-author and co-publish market research reports with Hotelysis, or cooperate with Hotelysis on advisory projects for lodging business and/or investment in Korea 1-year discount or exemption of subscription fee to be provided subject to outcome of 12-month, and advisory fees to be split pursuant to a separate agreement Individual or corporate members subscribing to a paid membership at HBI Dashboard, with proven track records in operations, ownership, investment or advisory practices