Online-based Data Services

Online-based Data Services by Hotelysis are provided 24/7 through the membership-based HBI Dashboard, which is composed of Market Intelligence providing data at market level and Asset Intelligence providing a comparative analysis of an individual asset to its competitive set.

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Our comprehensive database provides seamless visibility over the lodging industry.

HBI Dashboard provides data covering 21,934 lodging properties out of actively operating 31,472, for the period from 2005 to 2019, with details including departmental revenues, expenses, working capital, financial position and asset values.

Market Intelligence

Time-series Data: A user can analyze volatility and cyclicality of a lodging market down to a submarket/grade level, based upon time-series data visualized together with macro-economic indicators.

Snapshot Data: A user can analyze operating performance and financial position of a lodging market for a specific year down to a submarket/grade level, based upon an in-depth data package.

Asset Intelligence

Asset Positioning: A user can diagnose positioning of a lodging property, based upon a comparative analysis of detailed items to those of the custom competitive set.

Business Planning: A user can establish a custom business plan to optimize positioning of a lodging property, based upon the competitive set level forecast generated by the AI algorithms.

Membership Program

HBI Dashboard is operated on a membership basis. Membership registration is free and a limited access to individual data contents will be granted to a free member. The access will be extended to a broader range for paid members where individual data contents can be accessed by paying with points granted. If there are five or more paid members in an organization, the organization can enter into a separate corporate membership agreement to customize the interface. The current membership policy is summarized in the table below, which can be amended by Hotelysis upon prior notice in the Notice page of this website or HBI Dashboard.

Category Individual Member Corporate Member
Basic Standard Deluxe
Subscription Fee Free KRW 500K/month KRW 1,000K/month To Be Discussed Separately
Points Provided 250 points upon registration + 500 points/month + 1,000 points/month
Time-series Data Consolidated Market & Type Segmented Market & Type Segmented Market & Type
Snapshot Data Consolidated Market & Type Segmented Market & Type Segmented Market & Type
Asset Positioning - Automatic Competitive Set Custom Competitive Set
Business Planning - - Segmented Market & Type

An unregistered user can register as a member at HBI Dashboard as a Basic member upon registration. A Basic member can apply for an upgrade to a paid member such as Standard or Deluxe classes, in accordance with the process as following. The purpose of this somewhat complicated process is to prevent possibilities of misuse or abuse of in-depth data provided to paid members.

1. Application

A user fills up and submits an application form at HBI Dashboard.

2. Validation

Hotelysis checks the submitted information directly or through external agents.

3. Payment

The applicant pays subscription fees following directions received via an email.

4. Approval

Hotelysis sends the login information to the registered member via email.