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We build a sustainable value chain for lodging industry, through Data services and Advisory services.

How is your lodging property doing?

Although the economic life of a lodging property is 40 years in most cases, it is only 23.3 years on average in Korea, which is about 58% of the economic life.

The structured value chain of lodging industry is the basis for stable business environment in dynamic market places, paired with a complete visibility over the market.

Global lodging industry expert

E.K. Ham, CEO, headed up hotel investment division at Mirae Asset Global Investments, putting together a $3 billion global hotel investment portfolio. He led investment analysis at IHG Americas HQ. He received MMH from Cornell University, and MS and BS in Architecture from Seoul National University.

Data processing and analytics

S.H. Jin, CTO, took charge of international expansion of big data advertising solutions at Wider Planet, developed security server operating system at Tmax Soft, and digitalized baseball statistics system for Korea Baseball Organization at Nexon. He received BS in Computer Engineering from Seoul National University.