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Our multi-disciplinary capability precisely defines problems and effectively solves them.

Who do you need help from?

Project AVE is designed to excavate and realize potential values for small and medium lodging properties in Korea, by providing economy of scale to optimize productivity, efficiency, financial healthiness and asset liquidity, through our partnership program.

* In discucssion with 6 companies for partnership


Cash Flows

We optimize distribution mix, cost structure, working capital and business plan to enhance cash flows, and advise expansion strategies.


Asset Values

We optimize capital structure, minimize emergency working capital, set up an asset management system, and advise for liquidation.


Capital Structure

We evaluate risks by market and property, check capital structure, and set up a plan to optimize performance and financial healthiness.



We provide global networking, expert matching and project management services, as well as direct advisory services with our partners.

Hotelysis Partnership Program

Our partners are composed of Data Partners validating our estimated financial data and Advisory Partners working together with us for offline advisory projects.

Please check our partnership policy out here first, if you are interested in openning up tremendous business opportunities for Korean lodging market with us forward.