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Volatility in lodging business is unavoidable, but can be managed effectively, with precise analytics.

Who are you competing with?

HBI Dashboard provides data of 24,051 lodging properties out of 30,001 properties as of 2019, for the period from 2005 to 2019, with details including revenues, expenses, working capital, financial position and asset values. (2020-2021 data under validation)

* Last database update: 2022-03-10

Market Intelligence

Time-series Data

A user analyzes major performance indicators for 2005-2019 at a submarket level, with visualized data and macro-economic indicators.

Market Intelligence

Snapshot Data

A user analyzes detailed performance indicators for a year of choice at a submarket level, with visualized data and market indicators.

Asset Intelligence

Asset Positioning

A user checks positioning of a subject lodging property, through a comparative analysis against a custom competitive set of properties.

Asset Intelligence

Business Planning

A user sets up a custom business plan for a lodging property, using a forecast generated by AI algorithms at the competitive set level.

Hotelysis Membership Program

HBI Dashboard is operated on a membership basis, and the registration is free. A registered member can use free services at any time without a charge after log-in.

A member needs an upgrade as a paid member in order to access the broader range of data with in-depth analysis. Please check our membership policy out here.