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[E-today] Venture Square Selects 10 Start-ups for Accelerating Programs in Tourism

2020-05-29 00:04

Venture Square has completed the selection of 10 "accelerating programs in the tourism sector."

Venture Square announced on the 29th that it will start full-fledged collaboration after selecting 10 selected companies to participate in the program.
The "Tourism Accelerating Program" is a program organized by the Korea Tourism Organization and operated by Venture Square, and is designed to digital transformation and market revitalization of the domestic tourism industry.

The goal is to discover domestic technology-based tourism startups that will contribute to job creation in the tourism industry through advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, advertisements, and statistics.

It is largely divided into areas such as △ lodging business △ travel schedule △ transportation △ exchange and payment △ travel information. According to Venture Square, a total of 147 applications were received.

Among them, 10 companies that passed the evaluation of internal investment reviewers and investment experts in the tourism sector were selected.

These are Global Orders, the Era of Gourmet, Moment Studio, Coin Travel, Hotelysis, Camber, Knowledge People, Korea Tour Pass, Free Post, and Agiya Gaja.

These 10 will participate in incubation programs by December. Through this, various programs such as commercialization support funds, education, and consulting can be received. In addition, promotional programs through media and growth support programs through business partners will be additionally supported.

Participants selected as excellent companies during the program's operation will receive up to 200 million won in direct investment from Venture Square and can also receive TIPS program recommendations.

Myung Seung-eun, CEO of Venture Square, said, "We have selected the final 10 companies that are expected to have maximum synergy with Venture Square as well as suitability, potential, and business capabilities for the tourism industry," adding, "As an early startup investor and accelerator, we will actively promote their services."

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