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[Venture Square] Is Your Lodging Property Doing Fine?

2020-11-10 00:01

"Integrated risk management platform for lodging facility operators, owners, financial firms, and advisors."

Eun-kwang Ham, CEO of Hotelysis, who is about to launch, expresses the company's service in one word above. The service, which may be a little unfamiliar, incorporated the experiences, intuition, and numerous analyses and studies of CEO Eun-Kwang Ham and co-founder and CTO Sang-Hoon Jin.

Let's listen to them.

CEO Eun-Kwang Ham said, "We are high school alumni. After graduating from university, I started my social life in the field of architectural design and changed my career path by studying at Cornell University's Department of Hotel Management. Since then, InterContinental Hotel Group's U.S. headquarters has been in charge of expanding its affiliated brands in the U.S. and moved to Mirae Asset Management to establish the first domestic and foreign hotel investment portfolio worth KRW 3 trillion. Sang-Hoon Jin, CTO, worked as a database engineer at Nexon, and founded the online content Flat Home Nemodime through Tmax Soft and Wider Planet," he said, adding that he was able to prepare for the current service based on a series of experiences.

CEO Ham said that when he worked for a global hotel brand and a large asset management company, he felt how important accurate data was in the hotel industry with complex and volatile cash flows while discovering domestic and foreign hotel investment opportunities, investing, and managing invested assets. However, after returning to Korea, I heard cases of investing in hotels based on intuition, and I felt a sense of crisis that the absence of such a risk management system would adversely affect the Korean hotel industry. CEO Ham laughed, saying, "While discussing these plans with CTO Sang-Hoon Jin, who happened to be in contact with him, we agreed."

The two co-founders are striving to provide differentiated services unique to Hotelysis. While directly using overseas data providers such as STR, RCA, and MSCI, I felt uncomfortable that it would take a lot of money and time to collect and analyze meaningful data and make decisions because the data were concentrated in the United States and divided by field. For this reason, Hotelysis collectively provides data across the value chain, including facility composition, sales, operating costs, financial structure, and asset value, to the entire lodging industry, including recreational condominiums and inns.

Furthermore, it analyzes their correlation based on macroeconomic indicators and provides prospects for individual markets or assets. In addition, it helps market data users such as operators, owners, financial firms, and advisors customize and derive optimized business plans for individual assets. "Because all of these procedures can be completed in one hotelesis, users will be able to effectively reduce the time and cost of securing and analyzing meaningful data," CEO Ham said.

Hotelysis expresses its ambition to play a role in building a stable value chain that encompasses the lodging and capital markets in all lodging industries, including hotels. It means that lodging facility operators or owners can raise funds easily when necessary, and financial companies will be able to access difficult accommodation investments or loans more easily to obtain quality opportunities.

The two founders said they would like to create an environment where financial firms investing in large-scale accommodation facilities, advisors who support them, and even small accommodation operators and owners can maintain and grow their businesses stably. In the future, we will help foreign investors interested in Korea's accommodation market and domestic investors interested in various overseas accommodation markets get what they want through Hotelysis.

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