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[I-news 24] Building the Value Chain of the Lodging Industry, Hotelysis

2020-12-04 00:08

"The lodging industry, which began before the beginning of the century, currently occupies an important part of the industry in most countries around the world, but in Korea, the proportion of the lodging industry is insignificant compared to the overall economic size. However, we believe that we can grow rapidly through the establishment of a stable value chain."

Hotelysis CEO Eun-Kwang Ham, who is preparing for a service in an unfamiliar field called the integrated risk management platform for the lodging industry, founded Hotelysis after seeing the possibility of information on the lodging industry market.

Since starting his working career in architectural design, CEO Eun-Kwang Ham has been fascinated by the mathematical approach of hotel design and studied abroad through hotel management.

CEO Eun-Kwang Ham explained that U.S. hotel data providers such as STR have also been seeking to enter the Asian market, but relying on limited survey-based data has limited judgment on the overall market.

Hotelysis' Lodging Business Intelligence service provides long-term time series data on sales, operating costs, operating profit, and financial status for comprehensive accommodation, including hotels as well as motels, inns, timeshares, and residence accommodation facilities.

And based on this, it provides advisory services through the "Optimizing the lodging business" service that integrates offline expert networks. It is an online and offline integrated service that has not been found in Korea.

CEO Eun-Kwang Ham explained that as of 2018, 49,000 accommodations are estimated to have been registered in Korea, and sales information on 1,500 hotels is provided to the Korea Hotel Association, and only 3% of the market is publicly available. It is said that data on operating costs and operating profits are not provided.

Hotelysis points out that statistics related to the domestic lodging industry have been limited information, and it collects and analyzes data from various sources through its own artificial intelligence algorithm to establish a database of facility composition, sales, operating costs, operating profit, and financial status. By the end of the year, the company is working with the aim of incorporating data from all 49,000 accommodations.

Hotelysis will provide services to everyone who forms the value chain of the lodging industry, including owners of accommodation facilities or operators entrusted with the operation, financial firms that lend capital to them, and advisors who provide advice to them.

Hotelysis currently estimates that the number of potential customers who need their data is about 4,7500, including owners, operators, financial firms, and advisors that make up the value chain of the domestic lodging industry.

CEO Eun-Kwang Ham said, "It is easy to judge the lodging industry as an asset group with weak stability from the perspective of investors and financial companies because of its high volatility in asset value and high burden on working capital."

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