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Hotelysis starts the Beta Services!

2021-11-19 22:46
Hotelysis, the comprehensive risk management platform for lodging industry, is starting the services. We aim to set up a sustainable value chain in the lodging industry, which is one of the most critical infrastructures of growing tourism industry, by providing online-based data services and offline-integrated advisory services to get there.

1. Online-based Data Services

The online-based data services provide a complete visibility over the competitive environment in the lodging industry, based upon the actual data and the extrapolated data of lodging properties with evidences of active operations between 2005 and 2020. Hotels, timeshares, motels and extended-stay properties are included in the pool. The detailed information includes supply, demand, revenue breakdown, expense breakdown, financial position and asset value. For further details for the data provided, please check the Nature of Data page.

The online-based data services are provided at HBI Dashboard, a membership-based SaaS, and are composed of Market Intelligence and Asset Intelligence. The market intelligence is split into Time-series Data and Snapshot Data, and the asset intelligence is split into Asset Positioning and Business Planning. However, the Business Planning services are not provided yet as the forecasting algorithms, which is the critical component of the Business Planning, are currently under the development process. Each section provides analyses of relevant data, visualized as graphs and tables. For further details for the online-based data services, please check the Data page.

Contact for Data Services:

The beta services for the online-based data services are provided at HBI Dashboard as following, and users can try out our online-based data services for FREE. For detailed guidelines in using the services, please check the User Guide page.

• Period: December 1, 2021 – January 31, 2022
• Offering: Standard Membership Services

When the beta service period expires, the users have to choose whether to switch to a paid membership or not. Paid members are divided into Standard Members and Deluxe Members. Paid members will receive points every monthly in accordance with their grades, and access to datasets will be available by paying with the points. The main difference between Standard Members and Deluxe Members is the access to Business Planning services, which is accessible only by Deluxe Members. In addition, when setting up a competitive set for Asset Positioning services, Standard members must use the competitive set automatically put together by the AI algorithms, while Deluxe Members can include properties selected directly by the users. Moreover, when providing statistical data for a subject property to use Asset Positioning services, Standard Members must enter the required items themselves, while Deluxe Members can save time by using the estimates by AI algorithms. Paid members can charge additional points upon a separate payment if the points granted every month are exhausted. If a user selects not to switch to a paid membership, the membership status will be initialized to a Basic Member, the free-tier membership.

Contact for Membership Program:

2. Offline-integrated Advisory Services

The offline-integrated advisory services provide operating cash flow enhancement, financial position optimization, financial stability management and relevant advisory initiative services for operators, owners, investors and advisors of individual lodging properties, based upon the online-based data services and the Partnership Program by Hotelysis. For further details for the advisory services, please check the Advisory page.

However, the availability of the offline-integrated advisory services is limited at the moment due to limitations in our available resources. The functionality of HBI Dashboard and the partnership program are at their early stage yet. As such, please understand that Hotelysis has to take requests by priority.

Contact for Advisory Services:

The precise and comprehensive data is essential to lodging industry to manage business and investment risks, just like any other industries. From this perspective, the business and investment environment for lodging industry is challenging in Korea, and Hotelysis will try the best to improve it for operators, owners, investors and advisors.

Thank you.