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Second Extension of the Beta Services

2022-04-03 13:03

Hotelysis will extend the free beta service of the HBI dashboard by one month until April 30, 2022. During the past four months of beta service, we have received a number of constructive proposals, of which we believe are essential for improving data quality and ease of use. The tasks currently in progress are as follows.

Supply Data Update: The current supply information on the HBI Dashboard is based on the name registered with the competent authority, but in some cases the name of the accommodation is different from the name used for business. In addition, there are cases where the type classification and area information of accommodation facilities are inconsistent. I am currently working on this part of the correction.

Database update
: Validation of estimated 2020 data is currently in the final stages. In addition, there are cases where the results of estimating financial information by algorithms change due to the update of supply status information. We are currently updating these changes by reflecting them in the database.

Add Map Application
: It is not easy to analyze the current status of competition at the individual market level due to discrepancies between complex type classification systems and statistical information. We are building a Google Map-based map application so that anyone can easily search the distribution, type, and facility configuration information of nearby accommodations on the map.