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Membership Program

HBI Dashboard, and AI-based lodging business intelligence, is operated on a membership basis. The reason for running the membership system is to minimize the risk of abuse or misuse of the information we provide. The data provided at HBI Dashboard contains financial information that may be somewhat sensitive, and we may be put under a circumstance to track their usage if necessary.


Membership Category

The members are classified into an Individual Member and a Corporate Member, and the Individual Members are further broken down to a Free Member and a Paid Member. A Corporate Member can customize the interface and accessibility to the database with a separate domain in accordance with needs of the company. The company is to pay the upfront system set-up fee and monthly subscription fees pursuant to a separate agreement. Individual Members should access via the common domain of HBI Dashboard. A Free Member will have access to limited range of aggregate data without a charge, while a Paid Member will have access to a broader range of detailed data. A Paid Member can access the paid data items using the points awarded each month, which can be carried over. Please check out the table below for the pricing and accessibility policy.

PricingContact Term12 months12 months12 monthsTo be determined
per required scopes
Pre-requirementNoneBasic MemberBasic or Standard Member
Subscription FeeNoneKRW 200K/monthKRW 600K/month
Points AwardNone+200 points/month+600 points/month
Sign-up Bonus+100 points(Carried Over)(Carried Over)
Purchase PointsXOO
AccessMarket IntelligenceMetro / Consolidated (50 pts/dataset)OOOO
Sub / Segmented (100 pts/dataset)XOOO
Marklet Forecast (In process)XXOO
Asset IntelligenceCompetitive Set (200 pts/dataset)X(Auto-select)O (Custom-select)O (Custom-select)
My Asset Data (100 pts/dataset)X(Manual-input)O (Auto-estimate)O (Auto-estimate)
Asset Forecast (In process)XX(Competitive Set)(Individual Asset)

1) The contract term for the membership is 12-month by default, while the Corporate Member can renew under the same terms up to four times.
2) Standard or Deluxe Members must register as a Free Member, and upgrade the membership category in accordance with the upgrade proccess directed at HBI Dashboard. (Points awarded upon registration will be carried over after the upgrade)
3) A Paid Member can access the database to the extent permitted, using the balance of points, and can continue to purchase the paid data items by purchasing additional points after exhausting the balance.
4) Consolidated Market - Metropolitan Area / Segmented Market - Submarkets in Mtropolitan Area / Consolidated Type - Hotel, Timeshare, Motel/Inn, Residence and Other / Segmented Type - Broken-down Tiers within each Consolidated Type.
5) A competitive set includes 10 comparable properties, and the auto-select option let the algorithms to compose the entire set, while the customized option allows the member to select up to five.

For example, a Basic Member can purchase a market intelligence dataset for Seoul Hotel at 50 points, while a Standard or a Deluxe Member can purchase a market intelligence dataset for Seoul Jung-gu 5-star Hotel at 100 points.

When evaluating the positioning for Westin Josun Seoul Hotel, a Standard Member must provide the property's financial data directly, and purchase an asset intelligence dataset, with a competitive set of 10 properties selected by the AI algorithms, at 200 points.

On the other hand, a Deluxe Member can take the property's financial data estimated by AI at 100 points, and purchase an asset intelligence dataset, with a competitive set of 10 properties, 5 of which are selected directly by the Member, at 200 points.

Registration and Upgrade

To register for the membership, a user must sign up as a Basic Member at HBI Dashboard, which is free of charge. However, in order to access the paid data items, the Member must apply for an upgrade to either a Standard Member or a Deluxe Member at 'My Profile' page of HBI Dashboard, and select a payment method for the subscription fees. The process to register and upgrade the membership is as following:

1. Application

User to apply for registration or upgrade at HBI Dashboard

2. Validation

Hotelysis to validate information submitted in the application form

3. Payment

User to select and register a payment method for subscription

4. Approval

Hotelysis to send access information to the user upon payment

The subscription is a 12-month contract, while the subscription fees are paid monthly by installment. The member will be awarded with contracted points each month, usable for the paid data items. Unused points will be carried over, but the points cannot be transferred to the other Members or users. If a Member exhausts the balance of points, the Member can purchase additional points by paying with the registered method and continue to purchase the paid data items. Domestic users can pay with Lotte Card, Hyundai Card, Samsung Card, KB Card, Shinhan Card, BC Card and NH Card, while international users can pay only through Paypal.


Record Keeping

HBI Dashboard estimates financial data by individual property level through the AI alorithms of Hotelysis, and provides the data by competitive market level. Therefore, the data will be updated continuously, as we obtain new data, either at the property level or at the market level, because the new data may adjust certain constants and/or coefficients of the algorithms. Upon update of the database, a user can select either to keep the purchased dataset to the previous database version or to overwrite it with the updated database version, both of which are free of charge. Please note that the original version of the purchased dataset will not be kept if overwriten. Therefore, if the user wants to keep the original version and to have an updated version at the same time, the user needs to keep the original dataset and purchase a new dataset with the same conditions. Please note that this will cost as much as puchasing a new dataset. If there is any question or inconvenience about membership program, please contact us at