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HBI Dashboard

HBI Dashboard is a membership-based cloud software where the online data services are provided by Hotelysis. As such, the users can simply sign in and use on the web browser without having to install a separate software on a desktop or a laptop.



A user must sign up for the membership to gain access to HBI dashboard.

The user can apply for membership by clicking the “Register” link at the bottom left of the login screen. The user can log in immediately after submitting the membership application. After logging in, you will be connected to the following main screen. The lodging business intelligence service provided on the HBI dashboard is largely composed of two parts: Market Intelligence and Asset Intelligence.



There are two types of membership at HBI Dashboard: free membership and paid membership. Paid members are further subdivided into Standard grade and Deluxe grade.

The range of access to data and services vary by type and grade of the membership. If a user signs up for the membership, the user will be given a Basic grade at first, which is a free member. In order to use paid services, the Basic member need to upgrade to a paid member, either a Standard grade or a Deluxe grade. The Basic member will be directed to the upgrade page by clicking the “Upgrade” button at the top right of My Profile page.



When applying for the paid membership, a Basic member must choose between the Standard grade or the Deluxe grade, depending upon the scope of data and service scope to use.

Paid membership is an annual contract and will pay monthly subscription fees for 12 months. A paid member will receive designated points every month, and use the paid services by paying points. If a member needs to use the paid services after exhausting the points, the member can refill the points by paying separately on My Profile page. A company that wishes to use HBI Dashboard with a customized database and interface can set up a Corporate membership account.



Market Intelligence provides performance data and analytics at a market level by region and property type.

Market Intelligence is broken further down into Time-series Data and Snapshot Data. Time-series Data provides a dataset analyzing long-term patterns of key performance indicators for the market with region and property type selected by the user. Snapshot Data provides a multi-dimensional analysis of the detailed performance indicators for the market with region and property type as well as a specific year selected by the user.



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Asset Intelligence provides a comparative analysis for an individual property against a custom competitive set of properties.

Asset Intelligence, meanwhile, is subdivided into Asset Positioning and Business Planning. Asset Positioning allows users to identify opportunities to enhance productivity and efficiency through a comparative analysis of an individual property’s performance against a custom competitive set. The users can establish and optimize a business plan to with Business Planning, based upon the AI-generated forecasts for key performance indicators at a competitive set level.



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HBI Dashboard uses various indicators of lodging and/or financial industries. HBI Dashboard uses various indicators of lodging and/or financial industries. If there are unfamiliar terms when using various data and analyses provided, please check out the Lodging Industry Glossary page. In addition, various type of lodging properties, pursuant to relevant laws and regulations in Korea, are summarized in the Lodging Property Types by Regulation.



Moreover, the data provided on the HBI dashboard is based on statistical data collected from various sources. If you want to check the source of statistical data collected and utilized by the HBI dashboard, please refer to the Data Sources page.



Hotelysis is currently in the process of developing a forecasting algorithm for key indicators at an individual property level, and the Business Planning service will be available once equipped with the algorithm. The progress associated with the Business Planning services will be provided at the Notice page of Hotelysis website.